Learning from a toddler

My niece is 10 months old and learning to walk , its intresting to watch I tell you!
I believe that if you condition your mind right you can learn something from everyone you meet, old or young.

As I watch my niece get strong and stronger, I’m reminded by the lesson on perseverance and a child learning to walk is a perfect example. When a child learns to walk how many times do they fall (to be honest, they not counting nor do they care), the fall, they might cry if they hurt themselves or get a fright, but do they throw in the towel and say “well that’s it I’m done trying!” Of course not, they don’t know about quitting, they’re not quitters and they unlike people older them they don’t give up!

Where am I going with this? We need to have childlike faith see Matt 18:2-4 , cause with child like faith you will become stronger and stronger with every challenge and obstacle you meet.
Say “I will fall and get up, I will not give up!”

You my dear friend need to decide just how badly you want that relationship, that job, promotion, raise, that distinction, degree, certificate, that body, that healthy lifestyle you dream of, the successful business, the grand house, the big difference you want to make in you family, home, school, country, you name it its possible!

The secret: childlike faith, how easy? Not easy when you have experience of how tough life can be. Is it achievable, yes it is! Condition your mind daily, take baby steps and you will make!

As my nephew takes my nieces hand for walking lessons and says: “come one you can do it,” I realise the power of support and how far it can push you.

Be good to yourself and be better to those around you. Be someone’s cheerleader!