Celebrate Valentine’s Day the Non-Cheesy Ways

Celebrate Valentine’s Day the Non-Cheesy Ways, here’s Tsakane Ndubane‘s tips to help you think outside the heart-shaped box:

download (1)1. Organize Galentine’s Day: Galentine’s Day gives women a chance to celebrate all the lovely ladies in their lives. It transforms a day of appreciation for romantic love into one for friendship.
2. Volunteer: Use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to give back. Pick out a charity with your significant other and plan to spend the day together helping out in whatever way you can. Or simply treat a homeless person with a home cooked meal.

3. Have an old handbag or gym bag, then prepare a dignity bag for someone in need, you could fill it with: Non-perishable food, essential personal hygiene products, a facecloth, an old towel, sanitary towels, clean drinking water.
4. Nothing: Part of the reason that Valentine’s Day often doesn’t live up to the hype is that people have such high expectations. So why not stay in cook or braai with your loved ones and enjoy the bonding time and rather donate the money you would have spent.

So love #LoveYourself and love differently!

Love Tsakane



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